What is Influencer Marketing?

Earlier the only way to get your product into the market was to advertise it through T.V, radio or posters. Now as we are entering into the digital era, people spend most of their time behind the screens, they now follow people and get to know about different products through them.

There was a time when people used to look up to their favorite celebrities to know the right product or brand for themselves. But with the help of influencer marketing, people have shifted their trust into people who are more like themselves, the social media influencers. This has largely affected the buying behavior of the people.

Who are social media influencers?

Influencers are the ordinary people who have earned a significant amount of followers and use social media accounts to endorse products just like celebrities. They have the power to change the purchasing decision because of their knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Influencers use digital marketing as it helps them to take control of their targeted audience. They have realized that being genuine, honest and responsive to their audience is very important to win their trust and build relationships with them. This even means giving bad reviews about the products they don’t trust.

Types of social media influencers

There are many ways you can divide and subdivide the type of social media influencer. There are celebs, industry experts, bloggers, and content creators but they can be specifically classified as follows,


The trend of influencing started with celebrity endorsements. But this traditional method of influencing can cost a hefty budget to the brand owners for Instagram post especially when updating a new story thrice a week is the rule. These pictures will obviously be taken down after a considerable period of time. Moreover, celebrities have a wide fan following so targeting a special genre of the audience might be difficult.

Social stars

Social stars, also called mega influencers are the new kind of celebrities. They may have a following of 10,00,000 and 50,00,000 which puts them in a category next to a celebrity. A perfect example will be Prajakta Koli, a 25-year-old Indian YouTuber famous for her channel ‘MostlySane’. But choosing the correct social star for your brand is very important to reach a specific type of audience.

Macro influencers

A macro influencer is a step down from mega influencer. According to Deepak Shukla, founder of PearlLemon- “Your average macro-influencer lies somewhere between micro and mega. There’s no exact science differentiating these categories” but a way to identify this is by their follower count. Macro influencer may have followers between 1,00,000 and one million.

As there’s no firm definition for micro-influencer, there’s no specific audience count. Some effective micro-influencer may have just a few hundred or thousand or ten thousand followers, but what matters most is the engagement. According to AdWeek, an American weekly publication, the lesser the followers, the more is the engagement. Another thing that makes working with a micro-influencer profitable is the subject or niche they post about. They are super subject concentrated which helps them to target their own specific circle.

Nano influencers

Nano influencer is the new trend in marketing. They may have followers between 1000 to 10,000. Having such a small community makes them more relatable and approachable. Moreover, nano influencers have credibility as they are self-made and do not rely on brands for the followings or for their income.

What does it take to be a social media influencer?

Well, influencer marketing is an ever-growing industry, which is pretty crowded and seems hard to break in, but there’s always space for beginners to make an impact. You can become an influencer yourself.

Here are five simple steps to begin,

    1.Find your area of expertise.
    2.Choose your social media channels.
    3.Work on the content strategy and develop content.
    4. Distribute it to your targeted audience and grow your network.
    5.Engage with your followers and check on your progress.


They say, if the content is the king, the community is the queen. And why not, despite being an expert in a particular field and sharing high insight content, what makes social media influencer so powerful is the community they reach out to. People view them more as a peer than just as an influencer. Though gaining loyal followers can take time, as it’s a slow process, but influencer marketing has its own edge in making an impression and winning hearts.

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