What is Instagram Marketing?

Do you use Instagram? Do you know what Instagram is?

Wait! What kind of question is that, right? Who isn’t aware of this famous photo and video sharing app? It’s the first thing that comes to our mind when we click a good picture. It’s something that starts our day and ends as well.

Instagram was started as a part-time project by Kevin Systrom as he was learning to code. Later he met Mike Krieger and they created this social networking app. This two Stanford graduates originally created this app for smartphones in October 2010, since then Instagram has gained popularity among millions of people.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is just not for personal use anymore, its features have helped to promote brands as well. Its users are just not active but they are engaged which has helped brands to connect with their targeted audience and showcase their brands and products. Other than this, brands can post content, recruit new talent, personally message them and grow the network.

Instagram marketing helps to promote the brand and product using Instagram in a more friendly and authentic way and sell it without being hard on customers.

Instagram has transformed itself from a photo-sharing app into a successful platform for marketing. It is the first app that provided this depth of in-app filtering.

Along with uploading pictures and videos and editing it, Instagram has released dozens of tools now for business accounts, such as advanced analytics, connecting other social media accounts to derive more traffic, Instagram stories, shoppable posts, and IGTV.

Why is Instagram Marketing important?

There are a number of platforms available for marketing, each offering different features, and opportunities. But choosing a correct platform is the first step in marketing strategy. It’s important to understand the right kind of audience for your business and what platform will help to connect with them.

Instagram is undeniably the most popular channel for media marketing. Whether it’s a small business or a big corporation, Instagram marketing has kept its importance very clear. 70% of people spend their time on Instagram looking for brands.
Here are some of the reasons why Instagram is good for business,

Visual Marketing

Instagram is a great platform to keep your audience engaged and letting them visit you again. Photos are the most engaging content on the internet. Visual post brings about 65% more audience than simple text content. Photos keep the post, story eccentric.

More sharing, More audience

Instagram offers business a huge potential audience with more than a billion monthly users. The more you share, the more viewers you get but being consistent in sharing makes you earn followers.

Sharing visual content is the best way to let your audience know what the brand is about and helps to build relationships with them.

Using relevant hashtags can help you to connect with your targeted audience. Instagram encourages an emotional connection with the brand, it helps the business to be more customer-centric then simply product-centric.

High level of engagement

Engagements help you to make relationships with your audience. Instagram has the highest engagement rate of all social media channels. It allows users to be more open to brand content than any other platform.

Engaging your followers is not just posting pictures and videos, it includes following them back, commenting on their post, following hashtags and understanding what they are actually looking for.

Another thing to remember is not to automate the engagement.
Real engagement helps in sales and gain loyal customers.

Getting to know about trends

Instagram is the best place to learn about what’s trending around. It has an explore tab, which helps you to personalize your feed using options like style, dance, comics, and beauty according to what you want to see. Moreover, you can search for things according to top accounts or hashtags and places. Being curious is being informative which eventually helps to grow your business and lead it in the correct direction.

Success indicator

Just knowing what’s trending in the market is not enough, Instagram even helps you to know where you stand in the market. With the help of Instagram analytics, you can keep track of your followers, story views, video views which helps you to understand if your existing clients are satisfied with the marketing strategies or not.

Useful feedback and insights

Feedback and insights are the goldmines of Instagram. ‘View Insight’ option is provided at the left most corner of every post to help you to understand if the post was effective or not. Information like profile visits, reach, interactions and impressions are easily provided by Instagram which can be utilized to understand how well customers are perceiving your brand.

Great to know about your competitors

It’s just not you who are using Instagram for your brand but your competitors are doing it too. So let’s use it to even measure your competitors. You can learn about what kind of post they publish, what content is giving them a good audience, how consistent they are about posting, when they post and their interaction with the community. By studying this you can redefine your own marketing strategy.

How can Digital Marketing agencies help?

The world of marketing has changed. Reaching out to a number of people for your brand through T.V, radios, and newspapers is failing to achieve its goals. Traditional marketing is being replaced by digital marketing as it is the most effective way to market in today’s business.

Digital marketing agency owns a team of content developers, graphic designers, researchers, etc who can make the tables turn. These experts help you to evaluate business needs, plan a marketing strategy and can bring your brand from bottom to top. A skilled agency helps you to expertise online, stick to the context of the brand and provide the best possible search ranking.

Long story short, if you want to establish a good brand where you expect people to look up to you, digital marketing agencies can take up your brand to a whole level of profitability.

Hope this article will be informative and helpful for you if you have any questions or doubt can ask us.

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